Independent Film Festival of Chennai

Prasad Preview Theatre, 70mm Theatre | February 8 & 9 2020

Thamizh Studio has been actively working towards good cinema ever since its inception in 2008. Based out of Chennai, it has initiated many endeavours targeted towards Independent cinema and Independent artists throughout its 11 years journey. Thamizh Studio commenced Independent Film Festival of Chennai in 2018. In its first edition itself, more than one thousand participants attended IFFC and made it a grand success. Now it’s gearing up for the third edition coming February.

Introduction about Thamizh Studio and its wings

For those who don’t know much about Thamizh Studio Film Movement, here’s a short introduction. Thamizh Studio was initially started as a website in 2008 with a vision of creating a platform for alternate media. As time passed by, it branched out to various domains. In order to train and groom audience towards good films, it regularly conducts Film appreciation classes, Screenings and Filmmaking workshops. On the other hand, It trains young and aspiring filmmakers in all aspects of filmmaking with Padimai. Padimai’s entire curriculum is meticulously curated to train the students on both structure and content of good filmmaking. Padimai chooses its students from mostly rural background, and never charges them throughout the training.

Thamizh Studio publishes a monthly magazine, ‘Padachurul’ (film reel). With an academic approach, the content of Padachurul strives to break all stereotypes and myths about cinema in Tamil Nadu. The magazine is centred on a chosen theme, that focuses on a particular idea or an overarching issue that concerns the society at that point-of-time. Padachurul adopts a focused editorial approach and does not encourage ‘general’ reactionary content.

Pesaamozhi Pathippagam (Unspoken Word Publishing House) is Thamizh Studio’s publication division that brings out titles on cinema appreciation and film technology. Pesaamozhi also translates important film-related books to Tamil. Another important division of Thamizh Studio is ‘Pure Cinema Bookshop and Library’. It is India’s only exclusive shop for cinema books. It curates, displays, and sells books on all branches of cinema, fine arts and ancillary domains. Pure Cinema Bookshop also conducts workshops, discussions, and screenings on a regular basis.

Origin of IFFC

Apart from the aforementioned major arms, Thamizh Studio has also established its presence in many other occasional events. After all these attempts too, Thamizh Studio felt that the Independent Filmmaking in Tamil Nadu isn’t getting the pace it warranted. At that instance only, Thamizh Studio conducted the first edition of IFFC in 2018 amidst high odds. Apart from screening six films from six different languages, IFFC 2018 sent down ripples in Tamil Indie film scene through its discussions and award.

It conducted group discussions on ‘The market for Independent Cinema’ and ‘Understanding LGBTQ rights and issues around their portrayal’. There was a Master class on ‘Screen writing for Independent Cinema’ by acclaimed filmmaker Prasanna Vithanage.

Prime attractions of IFFC 2019

Adding to the already exciting line-up of Films screening, Panel Discussion and Master Classes, IFFC 2019 brought many more surprises to the audience. ‘Cinema sandhai’ was one among them. It was planned as a one-stop destination for all Independent film needs. Next, IFFC 2019 had an ‘Archived Films’ section. In its second edition itself, IFFC garnered worldwide attention. With guests from more than 10 countries and 38 International films, it was a giant leap for IFFC. Adding to it, the fact that it’s the first crowd-funded Independent Film festival in India made it more socially relevant.

In 2020 too IFFC is coming towards you with handful of surprises and novel attempts. You can be an occasional viewer, film buff or film student. IFFC 2020 will have something for everyone of you. Get ready for an incredible festival of Independent films this February. Please contact 98406-44-916 or 044 4856-5405 to buy tickets. You can also buy ticket at Pure Cinema Bookshop by paying Rs. 200.

சென்னை சுயாதீன திரைப்பட விழா 2021 பிரசாத் பிரிவியூ திரையரங்கம், 70 MM திரையரங்கம் பிப்ரவரி 6 மற்றும் 7


No. 7, West Sivan Kovil Street, Vadapalani, Chennai, India 600026.

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